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Institutions Business Cases

Twin pack on track : twinning project transfer EU food safety and waste prevention regulations to Tunisia

Twinning is the mechanism whereby the EU seeks to assist partner countries in developing the  capacity needed  to implement the "acquis communautaire".

The Packtec lab in Tunis takes care of packaging quality.  Their team benefited from our expertise in product safety and prevention of packaging waste as we designed the overall 2-year twinning project components, structure, deliverable and budget.

Sustainable water resource strategy for 7 food manufacturing sites

To meet consumer’s increasing demand for sustainable fish products, we assessed the water usage performance of seven major operators. 

Current performances of water usage were benchmarked against international best practices.

The "3R methodology" of water reduction, reuse and recycling allowed us to build a portfolio of initiatives and investments which was integrated in a sustainability roadmap.

Equipment export incentive

For a government owned company located in the Middle East, we were asked to identify market opportunities and translate them into agro-food equipment needs.

This matchmaking process allowed to strengthen the commercial relations between two countries and stimulate exports in the field of beverage production equipment.

Export strategy for a cluster of middle east packaging companies

This strategy was designed for a cluster of 18 packaging companies in the Middle East. The project was intended to help local companies export to Europe and was sequenced in different phases : individual positioning, targeted market studies, trade show support and meet-the-buyers meetings.

Best practices and key learnings were collected in export-to-EU guidelines. This project was conducted for the Ministry of Industry and financed by a European program.

Innovation academy and conference

With a leading consultant partner, we selected 45 innovative projects across industries in Wallonia, Belgium.

We created an Innovation Academy to coach the project owners with a team of top level consultancy skills.

Prizes were awarded during the two-days conference event.

Sub-saharian industrial water treatment system upgrades

To support fishery export to the EU, water treatment assistance was provided to ice plants and fishery businesses in two emerging markets. Water qualities were assessed in a dozen fish converting, ice plants, and their collection zones. Gap analysis against EU/WHO potability requirements helped identify the system upgrades.

Local operators received recommended costs and installation timetables. Partnerships were established between Food Safety and Health Ministries, equipment suppliers and local-European laboratories.

Southeast Asia EU packaging standards training and workshops

We provided training on EU packaging and waste Directives and ISO standards for a packaging research and development center in SouthEast Asia. The training also included EU waste collection schemes and their necessary packaging marking and labeling requirements.

In an export perspective, this know-how transfer raised awareness of legal and regulatory pre-requisites in order to comply with EU requirements.

Supply chain assessment

For a beverage company with a severe production and distribution capacity constraint, we built a business plan and identified the necessary capital equipment invesments.

Required by an international financing institution, these assessments were needed to guarantee an important bank loan. The project took place in North Africa for the European Union Meda program.