Bev & Food Cases

Beverage & food business cases

Tactical & strategic commercial Support for a Food Contract Packer

The project consisted of boosting sales using a pragmatic approach highlighting priorities, new leads and portfolio valuation.

The 1st phase focused on   increased clean room utilization, an in-depth competitive positioning concluding to  a differentiated profile and  a formalized processe and dashboard.

The 2nd phase tackled price policies and new commercial resources.


LPC valuation techniques and continued advices helped the team maximize their opportunities.  Tangible successes were achieved and a commercial strategy and roadmap were developed for board approval.


The Unistar group of 4 companies ready for expansion

The group consisted of a commercial and installation service of turnkey bottling lines, a pallet manufacturing and trading activity and a business of food processing equipment.  The company needed to grow and move from small to medium size and to access external finance in a structured way.

During regular visits in 2013 and 2014, we helped the company develop strategic plans, implement reporting tools and structure their access to markets.

As a results, the board can now lead the companies with monthly budgets, performance measures and KPI’s and  follow the roadmaps supporting their 5-year growth plans.  The company has requested a $ 4 million loan to an international bank to support the local manufacturing of returnable plastic pallets.

Business and Master Plan for a Fruit Juice Operator - Far East

Our client is a leading national player commercializing three brands of natural juice in aseptic packs, PET bottles and returnable packaging.

In collaboration with the CEO and his team, after identification of market growth potential and operational constraints, we built strategic plans for supply chain, sales and marketing, organizational capability, purchasing and MIS functions.

Due to positive response in the marketplace, sales grew by +60% in volume and +150% in value in the first year.. The commercial plan was consequently updated and a master plan developed to allow capacity to be multiplied by four in the next ten years.

Business Assurance Expertise

for the European Food Industry

In one month, we answered the requests of :

- a multinational fast-food restaurant leader asking to validate the business system of one of his suppliers, a leading global brewer ;

- a federal agency to review the risks associated with the production and distribution of a non-alcoholic beverage leader according to the sector federation requirements ;

- and finally, to assess the business systems of an agro-business converter for export to Russia.  Business, manufacturing and distribution risks were assessed, discussed and agreed by management.

Strategic Diagnosis 

Mineral Water Company

Based on a strategic and operational diagnosis of the company’s key functions, a series of core strengths and opportunities for improvement and business development were established.

These elements served as foundations for the company’s business plan.

With our recommendations in a second step, the plan was further developed into an program of prioritized actions in function of the added value. 

Export Strategy

for a Rum and Liquor Company in the Caribbean Sea

Following a natural disaster in early 2010, a major US bank called upon us to support a 60 years old rums and liquors producer. We designed an export plan based on production capacity increase and packaging innovation.

Our expert solution was articulated around 3 main opportunity areas :

- plant operations relocation and engineering support,

- export regulatory advises and

- identification of financial needs, funding and scheduling.

A sequence of focused field visits allowed first products to reach export markets in 2012.

Operational Marketing Plan for

the oldest Source Water Brand

of the Middle East

Our client, one of the oldest source water from the Middle East Region, faced increased competition from imported and national bottled water brands and local tapwater.

He needed a robust, hands-on and pragmatic marketing plan to reduce significant production overcapacities.

We scanned the local market and competitive products to gather selected market and operational information. Involving the management team from the beginning, we built a strategic plan based on existing and new products.

Bottled Water Regulatory Assessment for a North African Market

Assessing the national legislation on bottled water and its implementation : these were the two objectives of this project.

The evaluation also covered the concession authorisation and approval procedure, quality criteria and water classification, surveillance and quality control, environmental protection and taxation practices.

Key elements of new legislations are now ready for optimal implementation according to the international bottled water requirements.

Supply Chain Development

for an Organic Coffee Grower

Together with the grower, we reviewed the local coffee market structure, the local sourcing opportunities and export potentials.

We focused on the supply chain to support commercial opportunities in the international organic coffee business.

Based on a limited number of scenario's, the financial payback of investments in infrastructure was developed and estimated.