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America bats its lashes

After recent features focused on France and South Korea, the next part of Plastics in Packaging’s world tour of the cosmetics packaging industry sees the spotlight turn to North America.

Dominique Huret talks to four major players in the North American market : Albéa, KDC/ONE, SGB and WWP. See our article  in Pip august 21


Coffee helped raised adults’ negative moods during Covid

A new pan-European study reveals heightened concern about the mental health impact of Covid-19 lockdowns and associated restrictions. The survey, funded by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), explores the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns and associated restrictions. It found that nearly two thirds of adults expressed concern about their worsening mood; two times higher than those concerned about physical inactivity. Dominique looks at the key points in Tea and Coffee Trade, June 21


Fast forward Asia

The Asian cosmetics sector continues to gain ground on the global market, South Korea has become one of the world’s most dynamic and influential beauty markets. With a turnover in billions of euros, it is only behind France and India in market size, while the country’s per capita consumption of cosmetics is the largest in the world. At an average of more than 20 products per month per person, that represents huge potential for growth and innovation in packaging.

Dominique Huret talks to four of its market leaders in Pip June 2021

 Press gang

Brand packaging is becoming increasingly uniform, and the same is true for most labels. With similar consumer tests, sources of inspiration, methodologies and processes, we get uniform design across the vast majority of packaging.

In an age of standardization, are digital labels the darling of the shelf for consumers and producers? Dominique Huret talks to key industry players in France in Pip July 21

French: digitally remastered

Has the pandemic proved a game-changer for flexible packaging in France, and which consumer categories are the winners and losers? These were the topics on the table at the Paris Colloque. Report from Dominique Huret  in Pip April 2021

A new road for sustainable PS

Three partner companies have made a joint step forward to support the development of sustainable PS recycling. But are they ready for a big leap forward, or is it baby steps? Dominique Huret talked to Intraplas and finds out in Pip April 21

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Snap adaptations to a new wave

The global health crisis has imposed new constraints on almost everything, and the cosmetics industry is no exception The testing of make-up and perfume products at point-of-sale is being revised to guarantee maximum consumer protection, and the packaging has had to follow. Arcade Beauty is leading the way. Dominique investigates in  Pip Sept 20

When Coffee is in your DNA

Belgian coffees bears many flagship brands. But today these market giants have to rely on the craze for specialty coffees. Dabin is an outstanding one. Emmanuel Dabin's story started in Africa. He was captivated by his great-grandfather's stories of plantationnof the first Arabicas in Congo.


Dominique from Cape Decision reports in Drink World T&M, June 20

Aya ready?

In the push for eco-friendly packaging, an ‘end-to-end’ solution that has been thought out down to the last detail is the Holy Grail for converters and brands. Sidel’s concept brainchild – AYA – recently scooped the top prize in the Best Drink Design category of the World Food Innovation Awards 2020. 

Dominique Huret found out more about this Sidel innovation.See in Pip June 2020

Let the genie out of the bottle

Transforming carbon emissions into a plastics bottle might once have been considered pie-in-the-sky, but not anymore. A trio of companies, at the end of October 2020, announced the worldwide premiere of a plastics bottle for the cosmetics industry derived from industrial carbon emissions.

Dominique Huret interviews the stakeholders behind an innovative partnership that is unlocking new feedstocks. 

in Pip February 21

Smart thinking

The chief executive of Texen CMSI French injection moulder details the great balancing act between unique and standard in the beauty packaging sector. Take a journey around Lyon and Bourg-en-Bresse and you’ll discover France’s ‘Plastics Valley’. Nicknamed by an American journalist in reference to California’s Silicon Valley, it contains the highest concentration of specialised plastics companies in Europe..

Dominique Huret reports November 20 Pip issue

Squeeze for the best

Known for packages used for ‘extemporaneous’ mixtures in the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics sectors, Coradin, French injection moulder is finding new ways to innovate. Headquartered close to the Italian border, it specializes in the development of injection-moulded products for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. 

Dominique Huret reports Pip July 2020

Keeping their powder dry

When Clariant sold its healthcare packaging business to a private equity

buyer in 2019, Airnov a new French converter was born. Dominique Huret reports Pip January 2021